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Brett Nelson is the founder of Real Natural English and the creator of Pronunciation Keys DVDs and books. Originally from the USA, he has lived and worked abroad for most of the past thirteen years, mainly in Japan and Hong Kong.  In addition to a background in finance, Brett has extensive experience as a corporate trainer and business English instructor, beginning his career with Berlitz, Ltd. Hong Kong in 1997.  Additionally, he has many years of corporate training experience in both Hong Kong and Tokyo with Fortune 500 companies like Mitsubishi, Shell, Hitachi, Shin Nihon Kansa/Ernst & Young, Nissan, Dentsu, Merck, and British American Tobacco among others.

Brett developed Pronunciation Keys and related Real Natural English products as a result of the difficulties his clients had pronouncing certain elements in English, and because these difficulties seemed to limit their ability to comprehend what they were hearing from native speakers.  This ultimately impacted how they looked and sounded professionally (e.g. in meetings and negotiations) and in any situation where native English was spoken, so Brett became a big believer in the importance of teaching natural, not formal, English.  Brett is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and is also a Licensed Financial Advisor. He currently resides in Tokyo.








Brett Nelson

In Just 30 Days You Can:

Understand more of what you hear in discussions, lectures, teleconferences, movies, etc.!

Speak more clearly and naturally in business meetings, presentations, and general conversation!

Significantly improve TOEIC/TOEFL scores!

Make yourself more marketable!

Recognize difficult but common slang, business expressions, and idioms!

Speak More Professionally And With More Confidence!



"Your program made me wanna learn more real English. It is the best system for me!" —
Y. Matsumoto, Yokohama, Japan

Real Natural English gave me courage to speak English. — M. Kim, Pusan, S.Korea

Thanks [to] Real Natural English, I can speak English more clearly. — H. Sasaki Yokohama, Japan

It is really interesting to learn things I never knew which can help my English. It is a good system for learning real English! — J. Hernandez, Mexico City, Mexico

My favorite part is tongue twisters. — M. Sato, Kumamoto, Japan


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